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Dublin Community Growers at Bloom 2013

DCG run various workshops to encourage children and adults to get involved in gardening. These included:

Making a wild flowers seed bomb:

This will see us getting kids to make their own seed bombs by mixing wild flower seeds with clay, compost/soil, and water. The resulting seed bombs can then be taken home, dried, and then thrown at waste patches of ground around the city … where wild flowers will then grow.

We will also be able to deliver information on biodiversity within the city, wildflowers, and the importance of the pollinating insects which are supported by native wild flowers.

Herb Propagation:

Cuttings are taken from immature shoot tips and they can root at any time of year in warm conditions. This is suitable for Lemon Balm and Mint plants. Sever a non flowering shoot just beneath a node (using hands … no tools). If flower buds are present pinch them out. Otherwise all energy goes into flowering instead of the development of roots. The cuttings will be planted into plastic pots with growing media for people to take home.

Mustard seed sowing:

This will involve getting children to sprinkle mustard seed upon wet tissue within aluminium food trays. They will take the trays home and will have to keep them moist in a bright place, like a window sill. Over the coming days the Mustard Seed will sprout and provide tasty shoots for sandwiches. This activity is ideal for soil adverse parents/children!