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FM4 21st February 2010

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Michael Comyn interviews Michael Kelly, founder of Grow It Yourself (GIY), and Robert Moss, from Dublin Community Growers.

When Michael started growing his own food, he would have liked to meet with like minded people. In allotments gardeners shared knowledge, seeds and make new friendships. However, this was not an option for those trying to grow food in their back garden. To fill the gap, he started a group in Waterford. In the interview he explains the journey.

Robert Moss, tells us about the benefits of community gardens and some of the problems they face, like liability insurance and finding a site. He also introduces the “Dublin City Guide to Coomunity Gardens”, produced by the Environmental Focus Group, whic is part ot the Dublin Community Forum.

Video / Podcast link to the FM4 Interview on Sunday 21st February 2010