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Land Use Advocacy

Hawthorn Tree on a hedgerow

As a part of the past work of Dublin Community Growers, contacts between other European cities began to be fostered, exchanging ideas and travelling beyond national borders to see initiatives in action.

Here are some records of those earlier sources of international inspiration and their impact here in Dublin…

Planting for People Proposal

Download ‘Land Use Proposal Letter

Download ‘Market Proposal to Dublin Lord Mayor

The Green Hand Charter of the Parisian Divided Gardens

With the Green Hand Charter the City of Paris wants to encourage the development of community gardens based on a process of consultation and close involvement with the inhabitants. Paris supports community gardens in all their diversity, whether the community gardens of residents, school gardens, or other gardens, to the extent that the garden will be the result of concerted and collective creation.

Download ‘Technical file of the Parisian Divided Gardens’

Download ‘Dossier technique-des-jardins-partages’