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Food Sovereignty: Global Ideas

Vegetables growing in pots

The concept of Food Sovereignty connects local food with the rights of people. It is the idea that people should be able to access good food in a way that is fair and strengthens ties and friendships between people and their neighbours, their land, their seeds and crops, their future and their past.

Food Sovereignty as a global movement has developed from La Via Campesina the 1990s through International Forums in the 2000s and 2010s and today. Check out some of the links that Dublin Community Growers have collected over the years as well as reading more at Food Sovereignty Ireland.

Download ‘Nyleni Declaration Europe2011’

Nyeleni Europe Synthesis Report and Action Plan

Report from Krems 2011 by Carmel Ennis

La Via Campesina in Movement… Food Sovereignty now! from La Via Campesina on Vimeo.