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Nurturing Gut Health

A Workshop on Food Fermenting with Niamh Brennan from PLENITUDE.

Venue: Mud Island Community Garden

Date and Time: Sunday 17th November, from 11 to 1 pm

Learn about the ancient art of preserving food using salt with plant-based ingredients to nurture a healthy microbiome

  • An introduction to food fermentation with nutritional information on how it can encourage digestive well-being
  • Presenting simple techniques for fermenting vegetables that can be integrated in your daily routines and adapted to suit your meals
  • Giving insights into the benefits of planning a diet based on combining foods with prebiotic and probiotic potency
  • demo plus making your own jar of sauerkraut to take away
  • organic cabbage provided in combination with seasonal garden vegetables
  • all equipment supplied, please bring chopping mat and a veg knife

Niamh McDonnell runs PLENITUDE producing small batch fermented foods. She works with locally grown organic and foraged vegetable ingredients from land and sea. Niamh enjoys different kinds of platforms for sharing the joy of food fermenting. She combines the regular presentation of her food range for sale on market stalls with the delivery of workshops, drawing on her interest in how this ancient form of food preservation can inspire new ethical visions of ecological cooperation.

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